Sephardic rite

Ben Yosef, Benyamin Rafael (1870-1928)

Benyamin Rafael ben Yosef is born in 1870 in Adrianople (today Edirne), in Turkey. He comes, from his mother’s side, from a lineage of rabbis, among them Behmohar Rafael (1815-1878), great rabbi (…) Read more

The singing of the prayers in Algiers’ ritual

PLAYLIST below As a teenager, Zabulon Sebban followed the Rabbinic Seminary « Ets Haïm » of Algiers, and had as classmates the future great Rabbis Meyer Jaïs (Paris), and Simon Morali (Nancy then (…) Read more

Sebban, Zabulon (1911-1983)

Biography written in French by his son Alain Sebban (translated by EIJM) Born on the 11th of December in Géryville, near Oran (Algeria), Zabulon Sebban lived a full life. With his wife, Odette (…) Read more

Andalusian Music : Special broadcast dedicated to Daniel Halfon

RADIO PROGRAM hosted by, broadcasted on Radio on December 3rd 2015. Guest : Daniel Halfon Program in Hebrew Read more

Hidden sides of Jewish music : Daniel Halfon

RADIO PROGRAM, hosted by Hélène Engel, dedicated to the Judeo-Arab songs, broadcasted on Radio SHALOM Montreal, 2012. Read more

Liturgical chants of the Sephardim - Philippe Darmon

During the day of study Vox Aurea-Via Sacra 2014, dedicated to Jewish sacred music, Philippe Darmon, cantor at the Buffault synagogue gave a wonderful (…)
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